Excellence in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

TESPRO provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for client-specific benefit:

• Secondment of AFRIZAN recruiter teams to specific client sites
• Establishment of in-house recruitment agencies
• Integration of agency specific expertise with onsite specific knowledge
• RPO outsourcing model allows for clients to transfer recruitment processes
• On-demand RPO provides assistance to manage recruitment spikes
• Short-term recruiting projects with specialised needs within specified timeframe
• Divisional recruitment services
   - TESPRO will run select recruitment processes for divisions
   - Manage external suppliers of resources   

TESPRO provides an Internal Recruitment Process (IRP) Solution:

Safeguard objectivity, consistency and fairness in your internal recruitment process with IRP from TESPRO:
• Book a dedicated specialist recruiter to facilitate your internal recruitment and selection processes:
        - Effective response handling
        - Objective screening and shortlisting of internal applicants
        - Timeous feedback to unsuccessful applicants as necessitated by law.
        - Proficient supervision of the internal recruitment process and reporting
        - Expert hiring support
We guarantee:

 • Strict adherence to your processes and procedures
 • Mitigated risk through comprehensive background screening (ITC, references, criminal and
   qualification checks) 

Offering you smart recruitment solutions to your staffing challenges.

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TESPRO provides a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution:

Managed Service Provider solutions are vendor management solutions combined with order taking and delivery management. Under this model, Tespro will engage with all third party vendors with regards to recruitment needs. Centralising external recruitment means a single point of contact enabling process, cost and vendor compliance streamlining.
Working with an MSP is no longer only about cost, it is about managing the non-employee hiring process with a partner who understands your company culture and process, it enables continuity in the hiring process flow regardless of interruptions in workforce due to maternity leave or resignations

Benefits of using an MSP:

• Low performing recruiters will move to another corporate, if we don’t perform we lose a potentially worthy project and our    reputation. That is why we outperform any in-house recruiter.
• Realising cost savings
• Focussed recruitment enhances new hire experience which in turn has proven to increase retention by 10 to 15 % on its    own
• Recruitment is done by professional recruiters backed by a company that specialises in recruitment strategies hence    increase in quality plus time to fill
• Agency infrastructure, database and training is not feasible to implement as effectively from a costing perspective
• One point of contact.
• One bill to pay
• All spend is to a black Female owned QSE (enterprise development is covered)
• Compliance streamlined
• Administration load across the process reduced


We have over 30 years recruitment experience sourcing intelligence for some of South Africa’s top corporates


Afrizan is a 51% black owned and 32% black female owned EME and QSE level 1 entity.


Afrizan has been consistently awarded and recognised for our dedication and skill since 2015. The pinnacle of our accomplishments being in 2017 when we were awarded the winner of top Agency Diamond PMR.africa Arrow Award, Afrizan is an industry leader. We have won over 25 PMR Africa Diamond Arrow awards in 5 years, in the following categories:  

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Specialised skills - Banking
  • Specialised skills - Financial
  • Specialised skills – FMCG Retail
  • Specialised skills - Telecommunications

    Afrizan has branches in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. In addition, our travelling Talent Scouts