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Recruitment as a service (RaaS) on subscription.

As many companies pivot and streamline so Afrizan has heard our customers plea for a more cost-effective solution to talent acquisition. More than ever companies need to downscale operations to core fundamental income creating functions and find partners who offer professional cost-effective solutions for services that need to be flexible and scalable as the business grows or shrinks.

As such we are proud to present our take on one of the latest Global Recruitment Models taking the industry by storm. This subscription-based recruitment model, is ideal for companies who wish to outsource their entire recruitment need or supplement their current model by having specialists do recruitment and pipelining through dedicated and professional recruiters and head-hunters.

AT A FRACTION OF THE COST OF AN INHOUSE TEAM OR TRADITIONAL AGENCY ON SUCCSESS MODEL. Save up to 40% on your recruitment spend and have professionals recruit for you as an extension of your team. Starting from R12 500.00 per month for recruitment solutions.

This revolutionary process takes the traditionally challenging, long and laborious process of recruiting high quality talent and completely transforms it to become a simple and clear, yet efficient process.

The outsourced recruitment strategy allows businesses to streamline their hiring processes, essentially letting top recruiting industry experts do what they do best and deliver a smooth and successful recruitment process. These recruiters do everything from sourcing the right candidates to recruiting and helping onboard new talent into the company on a flexible and on-demand basis, leaving business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on fulfilling their ultimate business vision.

How does RaaS Subscription work?

Recruitment as a Service on Subscription means having a fixed low-cost solution which gives you access to industry expert recruiters and head hunters who are constantly pipelining talent. This can be extended to administrative functions such as screening interviewing etc as well as purely search and talent pipelining solutions.

Our recruiters are not distracted by internal admin and bureaucracy and are therefore able to ensure speed of delivery and fresh constantly reviewed pipelines. Due to ongoing relationship development and knowing our client, strong partnerships and knowledge bases are formed which ensure IP not being lost by high attrition in internal recruitment teams. No cost of desk or employment-related obligations results in massive savings.

In general, the RaaS model is mutually beneficial for both parties, as companies are able to benefit from high quality services and recruiters are guaranteed a consistent revenue flow.

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Benefit 1: Using Specialists

Through the RaaS model, specialist recruiters are focussed on continually sourcing for talent within their specialisation, this ensures not only speed of delivery but the ability to tap into and build highly functional pipelines. They know where to look and use their extensive networks and strong candidate sourcing strategies to optimise their search capabilities.

Benefit 2: Cost Efficient

RaaS Subscription is a simple solution to businesses looking for transparent costs and an efficient recruitment process.
Reduce total hiring spend and find candidates with greater speed. It’s a smart and risk-free way for companies to acquire the best talent and fill a position quickly and efficiently through the sole means of their recruiter’s expertise. Indeed, recruiters are skilled in handling various roles at one time with no distractions, effectively focusing all their attention on finding the right candidate, consequently accelerating the entire process. Furthermore, businesses are able to significantly reduce their recruiting costs by paying a consistent and pre-agreed subscription fee, rather than putting forward a large sum of money every time a new talent is acquired and placed in a role.

Benefit 3: Focus on core activities

One of the greatest benefits for business streamlining their recruitment process using this model, is that it frees time and space to really focus on crucial parts of the business. With RaaS, you are leaving your recruitment process in the hands of experts and recruitment professionals, therefore leaving businesses with ample time and energy to truly focus on attaining their business goals.

Benefit 4: Scalability

It is not easy to scale functionality in a business. With the RaaS solution this is made possible by simply enhancing the capability of functionality of the Raas model as business requires it.

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