“We want efficiencies! When do we want them…? Probably next year:”


How Afrizan Works to Save you Costs by Maximizing Efficiencies Right Now

As a business, responsibility constantly falls on management to make the right choices and implement the right changes in order to remain sustainable. Trust becomes an imperative determining characteristic when looking to outsource lucrative solutions to grow the business. When it comes to finding the right staff to carry out business functions, second-guessing continues to plague organizational leadership. With the understanding that every employee hired is an investment for the company to increase its internal value, taking risks on shifty candidates proves threatening as it could potentially jeopardize the company as a brand and a profit generating entity. It therefore begs the question, does finding the perfect candidate for the job require tedious investigation or off the cuff intuition?

The Afrizan business’s answer would be both but with an added level of specialisation and passion in respect to the processes involved. This has been one of the key drivers in why Afrizan personnel is committed to ‘’Sourcing Intelligence” for their clients. In having longstanding relationships with our business partners, we understand what goes into finding the most suitable candidate to cultivate their business growth while saving costs and championing efficiencies.

What it Takes

A Future fit outlook – Afrizan steadily adopts a business-centric approach to talent recruitment that focuses on the end goal, abounding business success. Partnered with skill and passion for what we do, remaining highly proactive to market changes and industry trends keep us abreast of current market activity. In today’s dynamic economic climate, not only do we have a futuristic outlook, we strive to arm ourselves with business solutions that are flexible enough to deal with unpredictable industry shifts. The established relationships we have with our business partners are built on trust and they have continued to help us gain mutually exclusive foreground within competitive markets. This is because we act as consultative partners who offer expert advice to internally empower our employees, candidates and clients in an authentic way through our service based recruitment solutions.

Business Affluence

Through unparalleled recruitment leadership our utilization of tools has allowed for business affluence to be at the helm of all we do. Our mission is to offer clients access to our superior abilities in skills assessment and candidate selection, sourcing candidates through time-saving, cost effective recruitment – all delivered with unmatched service quality, speed and professionalism. Our B-BBEE status displays our commitment to positive change as Afrizan is also a 51% black female owned empowering supplier and QSE level 2 entity. In remaining agile, adaptable and business affluent, we understand the importance of immersing ourselves in our clients’ business. In doing so, we strive to become a positive representative of their brand when consulting with potential candidates. In being an extension of the business, our recruiters are able to fully interrogate the caliber of human capital required to fit the business productively.

Specialisation & Expertise

Afrizan personnel lives recruitment and understands it as a currency of trade not only to adapt to economic changes but to develop our offerings and processes to grow our clients’ business in an intrinsically value-adding manner. We have a trilateral win approach because our client and candidate success is our success and this is achievable through our specialist industry divisions that work in tandem to ensure optimal utilization across specialisations and industries without losing the feel and service of a niche specialised recruiter. We save you time because whether you need quality candidates, want to reduce recruitment costs or are looking to simplify recruitment processes, we will tailor an outsource solution so you can focus on key areas of your business. Ultimately, we provide integrated full-spectrum solutions so if it is efficiencies you are looking for in recruitment – Afrizan Personnel has got you covered from start to finish, saving you costs and time.

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