Barron Africa, Head: Pricing – Stanlib

 “The experience of Afrizan has really changed my mind-set regarding the quality of work expected from recruitment service providers. Prior to their appointment at Stanlib, we had to deal with sub-standard delivery, but I will not go into all that now.

The staff from Afrizan has a unique combination of education knowledge and interpersonal skills to understand our unique client needs. They take time to discuss the job specs and the unique requirements for each position rather than “pushing candidates that closely meet the job spec”. They take the time analyse the individual requirements of each manager, involving complex projects, systems in order to source the correct talent of people and team fit.

It is important for Stanlib to invest in and keep talented people. The various niche requirements often needs to be secured outside of the region, as expertise and talent pool may be needed to be sourced from other provinces. They have done an excellent job at doing this.

Please accept this endorsement and statement of support for a quality service offering done by Afrizan. They continue to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to our company, by consistent delivery and place staff on-site who understand our business needs. They are not merely service providers, but have become part of family.

Their dedication and commitment is truly representative of their tremendous ability, professionalism, and work ethic. They have changed my perception of recruitment service providers.

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