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We have over 30 years recruitment experience sourcing intelligence for some of South Africa’s top corporates


Afrizan is a 51% black owned and 32% black female owned Empowering Supplier and QSE level 2 entity.


The Winner of 4 Diamond PMR.africa Arrow Awards, Afrizan is an industry leader. We have won 10 PMR.africa Arrow Awards to date.


Afrizan has branches in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. In addition, our travelling Talent Scouts


At the forefront of innovation in the industry, Afrizan’s product offering has evolved to include a resilient and effective Talent Consultancy in the form of Tespro. In answer to an increasing trend aligning talent and business strategies, Tespro is about building bespoke solutions, streamlining processes and assuring both candidates and clients of a high touch and positive experience. It means taking administrative duties away from business, thereby allowing it to concentrate on core functions.

1. Who is Tespro and why we are the Only Partner in the South African Market?

Being a full talent services provider offering permanent recruitment, TES, RPO and MSP including our specialised products: Equity Planning, SDL and training optimisation, Pipelining (including data analysis and analytics) and designing Long Term Talent Attraction and Retention strategies in one business gives us the edge on any other provider in the country.

Where recruitment has always been segmented into areas of specialisation, we are specialists in the field of talent acquisition and management – whether meeting permanent, flexible or fixed term contract recruitment needs - and have been for over thirty years. This coupled with the fact that we have placed specific focus on affirmative action recruitment, results in our company aligning itself to the vision, not only of our clients’, but of the nation as a whole.

Our view has been different of that of the global community in that South Africa is a smaller and very diverse economy with a severe lack of skilled resources, and a high level of labour and BEE restrictions. Your recruitment strategies would be highly ineffective if they were based on those of the giant economies. That being said, Tespro absolutely has used global best practise and expertise to design and refine functions but we are very proud to say that the resultant product is entirely home-grown and tested. We continue to attend conferences and seminars across the globe to ensure that we are always at the forefront of knowledge and trends, and we are always adapting these to the needs of South African employers and employees.

Tespro – An Evolution

The culmination of long standing partnerships with South Africa’s leading employers and of many years spent listening to their needs and suggestions, the evolution from contingent recruitment to Tespro began with the advent of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). In line with growing trends towards outsourcing specialist business functions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, we successfully rolled out extensive RPO solutions for a number of clients yielding substantial cost saving and increased efficiency.

These solutions comprise design, implementation and management of recruitment processes including seconded teams of recruiters deployed to site to form in-house agencies – marrying agency expertise with onsite knowledge – all at no risk to the client in terms of permanent hires associated with internal recruiters.
Mounting economic pressures saw an increasing need for balancing cost saving exercises against preserving high standards in terms of quality in a skills short market. Tespro provides the solution. It is a unique recruitment product blended and tweaked over the years to suit the South African talent landscape whilst taking into account cost cutting, skills shortages, labour and employment equity legislation all the while offering the most innovative and forward thinking solution in the market.
Engaging Tespro means you can turn to a single partner for all talent acquisition requirements: full temporary employee services including recruitment and management, workforce planning, supply chain management, employer branding, sourcing, talent assessment and identification, hiring processes, reporting, and on-boarding. The result is a consistent, high-touch program customised to your culture, industry, and geographical footprint.

2. Defining the Product

2.1 What is an RPO Solution?

RPO involves the outsourcing of the recruitment process encompassing internal recruitment and external recruitment but excludes managing the vendors (essentially this excludes the use of agencies altogether the internal team performing both internal and external resourcing functions). In this instance the service provider is based on site and performs an end to end recruitment function including sourcing and interviewing, right through to employer branding, candidate experience strategies and attraction strategies.

Why use RPO’s

• HR relieved of recruitment function and administration allowing them to be more strategic
• All business units follow consistent process
• Unsuitable hires avoided
• ATS managed at one central point
• Internal cross referrals managed more effectively reducing attrition
• Time to hire greatly reduced due to focussed recruitment function
• Cost savings achieved on Bulk recruitment
• In-house team understands culture and fit better than external recruiters thus quality and time to fill improves


• Provides a single point of contact for the entire recruitment process reducing the administrative burden and HR to focus on their core    business.
• Outsourcing of recruitment to dedicated recruiters has resulted in HR managers and BPs engaging more effectively in performance    improvement and retention issues, to name but a few, this in itself results in reducing the attrition rate substantially.
• Onsite team is supported by a dedicated RPO team base at Tespro head office, ensuring speed of delivery.
• Provides consolidated information on workforce trends and management reporting
• Introduces automated systems to enable order management.
• Consistent approach to procurement in line with business strategies in terms of the PSL.
• Reporting and analytics ensures performance is tracked and managed consistently.
• Tespro will apply its industry expertise and considerable experience in setting benchmarks and making recommendations taking into    account both the bottom line and talent attraction strategy.

2.2 What is an MSP Solution, and why are clients moving in this direction?

Managed Service Provider solutions are vendor management solutions combined with order taking and delivery management. Under this model, Tespro will engage with all third party vendors with regards to recruitment needs, essentially with an MSP on board the client never deals with an agency again; all external recruitment is managed and delivered on by one supplier. One point of contact is established enabling process, cost and vendor compliance streamlining.

Working with an MSP is no longer only about cost, it is about managing of the non-employee hiring process with a partner who understands your company culture and processes.

Also with the high staff turnover we experience in the economy, outsourcing enables the company to hold onto its hiring process flow as this important IP is held by them and Tespro, making interruptions in workforce due to maternity leave or resignations a thing of the past.

Benefits of using an MSP:

• Low performing recruiters will move to another corporate, if we don’t perform we lose a potentially worthy project and our reputation.    That is why we outperform any in-house recruiter.
• Realising cost savings
• Focussed recruitment enhances new hire experience which in turn has proven to increase retention by 10 to 15 % on its own
• Recruitment is done by professional recruiters backed by a company that specialises in recruitment strategies hence increase in quality    plus time to fill
• Agency infrastructure, database and training is not feasible to implement as effectively from a costing perspective
• One point of contact.
• One bill to pay
• All spend is to a black Female owned QSE (enterprise development is covered)
• Compliance streamlined
• Administration load across the process reduced

Function of an MSP:

• Engaging with current suppliers
• Renegotiating terms of engagement
• Communication and change management with HR and Line
• Establishing a centralised service and procurement centre for non-permanent resourcing (Tespro team on-site)
• Vendor performance managing and evaluation
• Distribution of orders to Suppliers
• Managing time to fill and deliverables in terms of the SLA
• Screening of applicants and short listing
• Payroll direct hires such as Independent contractors
• Consolidated billing and payment structure
• Workforce analytics
• Temp to perm conversions and admin around these
• Managing legal compliance
• Risk mitigation in terms on indemnity cover and contractual agreements between suppliers and employees

2.3 Tespro - A Hybrid Solution

Tespro offers clients a fully customised, modular solution. In consultation with the client, we will design a solution that comprises MSP and RPO for temporary and permanent staff across your organisation or per division, in the combination best suited to the clients’ needs.


A blended solution results in clients benefiting in both of the solutions above and sees the realisation of a consistent, high-touch talent acquisition strategy customised to your culture, industry, and geographical footprint.


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