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According to Mark Murphy, CEO, Leadership IQ, “46% of newly hired employees fail within 18 months, while only 19% will achieve unequivocal success.” Perhaps more surprising, however, in Murphy’s recent case study of 20,000 new hires across a range of corporates was the fact that a mere 11% of these failed due to a lack of technical competence. The dominant reasons for failure came down to attitude rather than skill. Click here to read more.

HR Future Article – February 2013 by Elvira Riccardi


While technology and forward thinking are indeed key, recruitment is ultimately about human beings. This massive differentiator from any other process or product in our business makes what we offer unpredictable – regardless of how exceptionally skilled we are at sourcing and interviewing, or how many cutting-edge online tools we have mastered. Mitigating the risk that comes with dealing with such an unpredictable commodity requires experience, know-how, following a very simple set of rules and – the key factor – human interaction. At the end of the day, recruiting is a practice, a profession, and the only way to do it is by following the basic processes or, as i call it, the Recipe, because if it’s done correctly it never flops! Click here to read more.

HR Future Article – December Cover Story by Elvira Riccardi


Vegas lights – enough to engage any “Millenial”, “X Gen” and “Baby Boomer” – provided the backdrop for one of the
best international recruiter seminars this year. This article is a short synopsis of a series that will, over the next months, unpack key insights, topics and trends that the world’s thought leaders in recruitment shared at the conferences I attended this year. Conferences like the Recruiting Trends Conference 2012 held in Las Vegas, spanned four days of intensive seminars as well as small group workshops, and covered topics that included basic recruiting, talent acquisition leadership, social media in recruiting, the right metrics, employer branding and quality of hire. Massive corporates like Zappos shared their HR strategies with the audience. Speakers included Mark Murphy CEO of Leadership IQ, Anna Brekka, Senior Director of Recruiting Trends, both highly respected HR thought leaders in the US. The best thing about these conferences is that they force one to make time to listen and learn. Yes, the information is available through webinars and the Internet but, while information today is highly accessible to most people, time is a problem. How much time do you set aside to read and learn and how often do you get a chance to follow through? Here, to help you, is an overview of some of the salient points that emerged at the Vegas conference. Click here to read more.




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