Afrizan Cadet Academy – helping to empower and unlock the potential of unemployed graduates and school leavers:

• Afrizan provides permanent employment to high calibre equity graduates and school leavers
• Afrizan currently offers work readiness training and is in the process of developing skills training
programmes to assist Cadets' future career journeys
• Provides invaluable work experience exposure through secondments to clients
• Access to as needed graduate talent at fixed rates
• Flexible terms without penalties for extending or terminating secondments

Making a Real Difference by Empowering Individual Employability

The Academy offers clients the opportunity to partner in this unique and exciting skills development initiative that has already made a measurable difference in the lives of unemployed graduates and school leavers.

The programme has been extremely well received by clients and graduates alike. In almost five years since its launch the Academy has changed the lives of over 1000, individuals and currently employs over 230 graduates full time. At any given time an average of 98% of cadets are in secondment to various clients.

Transforming qualified potential into qualified prospects – 2,020 by 2020

By 2020, in collaboration with our corporate clients, Afrizan aims to touch the lives of 2,020 equity graduates. Through experiential learning and exposure to the offices of top corporate institutions, Afriza aims to provide Cadets with a platform to showcase their skills, and an opportunity to launch their careers.


We have over 30 years recruitment experience sourcing intelligence for some of South Africa’s top corporates.


Afrizan is a 51% black owned and 32% black female owned Empowering Supplier and QSE level 2 entity.


The Winner of 4 Diamond Arrow Awards, Afrizan is an industry leader. We have won 10 Arrow Awards to date.


Afrizan has branches in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. In addition, our travelling Talent Scouts allow us to conduct recruitment projects nationwide.